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5 Quick tips for CV success     

A good curriculum vitae is vital when looking for work, but what should a successful CV contain? These are our top 5 tips to get you off to a good start with your CV writing.  

Frequently asked interview questions

There is no set format that every job interview will follow, however there are some interview questions that usually crop up. Here are our 10 frequently asked interview questions and best answers that are applicable in many types of job interview.

Dress to impress at your interview  

Your personal appearance will be judged as an expression of who you are and your approach to your work and is often important in developing a first impression of you. As you only get one shot to create a great first impression it is important to choose  the appropriate attire for your interview. This short article briefly describes how to dress for success for a job interview.

Writing an effective CV

A poorly written CV will damage your chances of securing an interview so it is important to know what to avoid when writing your CV. This article will show you how to write an effective CV that demonstrates your value as an employee

Tailoring your CV to the job advert   

In today's highly competitive job market your CV is likely to be overlooked unless it is written for a specific employment opportunity. Therefore it is essential to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of each particular job that you apply for as this can greatly increase your chances of securing a job interview. This article will show you how to create a targetted CV and also outlines the basic rules of CV writing.

CV Template                   

 Don't know where to begin with your CV layout or what to to include?  Here is our CV template including some good examples of what you need to include in each section.

Top 20 common CV mistakes      

A good CV takes thought, time and effort. Your CV should be checked thoroughly to ensure that you avoid the common mistakes that many job seekers make when writing a CV.  Here are the top 20 common CV mistakes that have put us off many candidates and ruined great CV's.                                                             

How to write a cover letter         

Many candidates underestimate the importance of a covering letter.    The covering letter is equally as important as your CV! This is often the first document a prospective employer or recruiter sees and if it is bad they are unlikely to continue to read your CV. Here is how to write a great cover letter...                                                            

Top tips for online jobseekers                                                                       

This article highlighs how social media can help you and hurt you in your job search. It also provides some useful tips on the best ways to use social media for your job search.